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Multiple OS's in new biuld

Last response: in Systems
April 5, 2012 6:47:32 AM

ok so i know this may be more software orientated however the forums there dont seem to have any categories for this and well since this is part of how i'll be setting up my rig here it goes...

In my new build i will want to have 2 main OS's; Windows for gaming only and those few really cool pieces of software that will run on nothing else but windows and have no match able counterpart then.. LINUX FOR EVERYTHING ELSE.

*dual boot dosnt work for me; i cant be shutting down my whole operation at every whim of my thoughts to reboot to use the other OS

Originally I was thinking of going about this by installing linux as the host OS on my machine and then having windows as a guest OS running as a virtual machine via Virtualbox. I thought this was the only way of going about using multiple OS's simultaneously until somebody told me about some type of hypervisor which they described to me as basically being able to alt+tab operating systems and supposedly gives better windows performance with games; I do plan to get some hardware and test this out on a "testbed" machine if you will.

So i want to know is if there are other methods in addition to the two above to use 2 or more OSs at the same time and then also if someone could educate me what makes them different in what they are and how they work and if any of those two or other methods that may exist that may be best?

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April 5, 2012 6:58:37 AM


If you want to use Ubuntu you can install it really easily using the program WUBI from the Ubuntu site. Details:

1. Download and run WUBI from within Windows
2. During installation pick a blank drive or partition to install to (RAID not supported)

That's it! Now you can choose either Ubuntu or Windows when you boot the PC.

To uninstall Ubuntu:
1. Uninstall from Add/Remove in Windows

*Ubuntu is still a standalone product and runs identically to Ubuntu installed the hard way, however they've made it so you can Install and Uninstall through Windows.
April 6, 2012 5:27:11 AM

not the answer i was looking for; i dont want my main OS to be windows and I dont want a dual boot screen. I want linux as the main OS and windows for gaming only and have a setup that does not involve rebooting the entire computer to use either one. I was asking if there was any other ways to do this besides VMbox or a hypervisor and what the pros and cons of each method are.