How do i know if my ram is bad?

I was playing a game for several hrs when the game crashed and i was returned to windows.. i noticed when i ran IE that the default page bled i could see the background but if i went to a website like no probs but if i returned to my page it bled.. so i decided to reboot and it hung i turned it off and back on and seemed ok i decided to run norton diag and test the mem it failed right off the bat i was a little nervous so i shut down the pc counted to 10 and turned it back on and redid the test it had no errors.. i download docmem from and ran that it only runs from dos so i had to reboot to dos and it did a diag that took 15-20 min for my 256meg chip it had the option of burn mode but i just picked the quick test.. the test passed no errors found.. now was this a fluke that the first time it failed or ?

One other note that my room was warm or hot the mb temp was 95F and cpu 52.5C and this is when i was getting trouble i turned the A/C on and the temp droped to 89F for MB and 48.5 for cpu so the only thing i could think of was a fluke or maybe it was a little to warm for the memmory?

Any suggestions?

The chip is lifetime but it would be a B*tch to return because i dont have a extra memory chip here so i would be without a pc for about 10 days or so..

any suggestions?
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  1. Please give specific details on all system components, including hardware and operating system.


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  2. I am running Win ME, I have a asus a7v133 MB with Amd 1000 TB 256 Micron Ram,SB Live! 5.1, Elsa Geforce 2 GTS 32meg Those are the main components... Running in a Enlight 7237 case with 3 fans 1 intake 2 outtake. 1 hard drive 40 gig ata100 WD,Toshiba CD/RW/DVD drive,Nic card

    I reran just now again and no errors detected..
  3. Are you overclocking your CPU or your RAM? This sounds like that type of issue. It could also simply be the OS you are running. Win 95/98/ME aren't very stable. I suggest you move to Windows 2000 Professional.


    = The views stated herein are my personal views, and not necessarily the views of my employer. =
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