Do I need to get a better PSU?

When I play some games (e.g. Mirror's Edge) my PSU starts to get a bit louder and hotter, so I was wondering if I needed to upgrade. I currently have a 530w PSU.

My computer consists of:
AMD PhenomII X4 965
8GB DDR3 1333MHz
Nvidia GTX 560
1x 1TB Hard drive
1 x DVD R/RW Drive
1 x Blu Ray drive
It also has two LED cooling fans connected to it.

Also its connected to 2 monitors... I'm not sure if that is important to the PSU.

Anyway, I plan to get another Hard drive soon but first I wanted to know if you think I should purchase a new PSU.

So, should I, or is it ok?

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  1. Exactly what brand/model of 530w psu do you have?

    A GTX560 needs a 450w psu with 24a on the 12v rails plus two 6-pin PCI-E power leads.
    That includes an allowance for a normal complement of other parts.

    With a normal good quality psu, you should be fine.

    When a psu operates at the higher end of it's range, it is normal for it to generate more heat, which will activate the fan.

    If your psu is of poor quality, it will not deliver the amperage that is advertised. That might be the case here.
  2. It is a BeQuiet 530w. Had good reviews, so I'm not sure.
  3. gseff said:
    It is a BeQuiet 530w. Had good reviews, so I'm not sure.

    The number of monitors attached has no impact on the psu. On the wall circuit perhaps.
    Other peripherals, or overclocking also have only a minot impact.

    You should be ok, the unit can deliver 35a.

    If the noise is bothersome then a stronger psu will loaf and be more efficient.
    Silver and gold rated efficient psu's will be quieter too.

    But, no change is really necessary.
  4. Ok good. I think I will keep the PSU, the noise doesn't bother me. I would only change if I was in any danger or if my PC was. This saves me some money. An additional hard drive would be ok? Wouldn't push it overboard?
  5. 530 watt PS is sufficient if it's a good quality. BeQuiet is a known brand...but not familiar with their products. If you do replace it, I would get a 550-600 watt PS instead.

    Here's BeQuiet's product line...there are only two 530 watt models:

    The max load on the Pure Power L7-530W is only 420 watts...and is only 80 Plus Certified.

    The other 530 watt, L8-CM-530W, has a max load of 480 watts and is Bronze certified.

    Maybe it's a lemon. Still under warranty...two years (it appears)?

  6. Oh dear. It seems I am now conflicted on whether to get a new PSU. As one of you claims it is ok and the other indicates a small amount of danger. I might just get a 750w for £59. It would save me upgrading again.

    Is this one any good?
  7. Are you sure that it's the PSU getting loud? The coolers for the GPU/CPU could also be spinning up and making more noise. If you want to verify then, you can open the side of the case and use something to stop the PSU fan. If the noise goes away then it's the PSU...if not then it's one of your other noise makers.
  8. Well I really just want to know if you consider my set up suitable for my PSU or if you think I may need more for an additional hard drive on top of what I have previously said.
  9. What is the specific model of your beQuiet 530W? The Pure Power BQT L7-530W is made by FSP and the BQT L8-CM-530W is made by HEC. Both PSUs are well-reviewed at techpowerup as good 'value' oriented units.
  10. Both models are electrically sufficient for your PC and will support additional HDDs.
  11. Every manufacturer does, from time to time, make duds. As Rugger has suggested, determine if the PS is making the noise. If so, it may be time for a new one if it's out of warranty or you cannot wait for a RMA.

  12. The majority of noise is coming from the case fans. I think I'll remove one near the Hard drives as they don't really need cooling down.

    Thanks everyone. Seemed to have eased my mind.
  13. If the psu noise is simply from high rpm's, then it is probably operating normally.
    If there is a grinding or clicking type noise, then the psu fan might be at fault.
    Put your ear cloce to the sound to check it out better.

    If you do buy a new psu, only buy a known quality unit.
    My current short list of quality brands includes Seasonic, Corsair, PC P&C, Antec and XFX.

    For others, here is a tiered list of psu units:
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