Help think ive blown my psu or mobo :(

Hi all,

decided to upgrade my gfx card as it was starting to fail, blue lines and green squares when it actually decided to boot up with graphics. I just went from a 8600 gts to a GTX 280 and plugged it all in with the pci-e 8 pin and 6 pin and froze while booting, realised I was using the pci-e 6 pin connector instead of molex 6 pin as it needed to be from the 12v rail so put that in then something blew as I put the power on, i was using a corsair vx550w psu which has 41a on the 12v

I have no spare psu to test if that has gone, but now when I put the power on it turns off after 1/2 seconds then tries to boot up over and over again all the fans are spinning aswell. tried booting without a gfx card in same thing happens.

pc specs:

Intel i7 2.66
6gb ddr3 10666
corsair vx550w PSU
8600gts / 280 gtx

so any input into the situation would greatly be appreciated thanks!
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  1. If it beeped after post before, pc's usually beep once to indicate a good power on self test, does it still do it or give you more beeps?
  2. It gives no beeps whatsoever, it just powers up then powers down. I've tried powering without ram/ gfx card and no change.

    The only thing that I can get to happen that's different is if I connect the gtx280 instead of the 8600gts none of the fans spin at all and I get a green light on the gtx280. So I'm thinking the psu is blown?
  3. Sorry cant edit my post

    If I only connect the 24pin power to the mobo my CPU fan spins constantly
    If I connect the atx12v as well it starts dieing again.
  4. Sounds like the mobo bight be dead, I replaced a mobo in an HP laptop that did the something would power on then off, on then off, I found a deal on a replacement mobo and the laptop worked just fine
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