Second Attempt at building a compatible comp

Hi everyone,

I am building a pc that is a gaming/home theater combo pc. I put some components together and I wanted to see if I did it right this time. G unit picked mine apart last time lol and I researched and am trying again. Are these components compatible? Also I eventually want to SLI the 680 but I cant afford it now. The computer will be hooked up via hdmi to my 1.4 hdmi compatible receiver (do i need a special hdmi cable for this?) and from my receiver to a 3D Optoma HD3300 Projector. Also I plan on using Nvidia 3dtv play and TMT5 to display 3D. What are all of your thoughts? Also my case comes with 2 120mm fans and a 240mm fan, what other cooling do you recommend?






Blu Ray Rewriter x2:


Hard Drive x2:

Power Supply:

Wireless Adapter:

Tool Kit:

Wrist Strap:
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  1. also shout out to gunit for his g ness thanks for your answers man keep em coming. I really want an awesome pc that will display awesome 3d if i can cut down the cost without giving up awesomeness let me know. i am also interested in having future upgradability
  2. hey actually your missing something very important, and that is add all to card(if you haven't) and then buy it already it's all good and compatible, and should be an awesome epic PC, you can cut down the cost by not buying the wrist strap and toolkit andwireless adapter and using a single HDD.

    the wrist strap you don't really need this. you can just touch the psu(turned off) which is plugged into the wall this way should be able to fix that problem or touch a metal part of the case but i prefer the 1st one. a single hdd with cut off a load on the price tag, the wireless adapter if you won't really use much.

    IMO go 32gb it's awesome, i had 32gb (8x4gb) g.skill ripjaws Z and it's awesome (work usage) and if i'm just playing around on games or just random stuff it's still awesome, It rarely go pass 15-20% usage depending on what I do but when i go work time it uses up 20-24.x gb ram ahahaha.

    well moving on at july im getting 8x8gb and see how nice it would be seeing my usage go less than 10% at almost all the time besides work. (its free and given to me as a bday gift)

    overall your system list rock, you should buy it, there's no reason to decrease the awesomeness besides not buying the toolkit and wrist strap

    the toolkit if you can borrow from a friends father or a friend who has them should be more than enough your needs and you don't really need all that but it's still awesome to own your own personal tools
  3. Not to mention the toolkit itself has an anti wrist strap in it so purchasing both would be redundant. (but still unnecessary)
  4. and if you don't like the awesomeness of 32gb you can always go down to 16gb.

    but hey only go use 32gb or more if you say yes to some of these

    1-can you afford it? and wiling to pay?
    2-you don't like seeing anything maxing out your system? like goes above 20% usage on memory
    3-you like to feel awesome?
    4-you like to use a huge ram disk(which is useful at most time specially if you got back up)
  5. one ? if i drop from the 6 core to the 4 core processor and not lose much for gaming/ hometheater? the quad core 2011 socket type is half the price of the 6 core
  6. If you decide to do that, I would say go 2600k/z68. The only reason I would go 2011 is for the hexacore.
  7. im going 2011 because the motherboards have 2 pcie 3 slots so i can sli another 680 later
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