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So my parents got me a computer for christmas, it is an hp6823w, with 4 gig's of ram, an ati radeon 4200 hd integrated graphics, and a 250w power supply.

I was wondering what would be a good graphics card/psu to upgrade too, because I am not really sure which graphics card / power supply would be best for the money. I am looking to play some bf3, my last computer, which I had for the longest time, had the ati radeon 9600 and an a7n8x motherboard. It has been a while since I have had a system upgrade and I would greatly appreciate any advice

my budget is 250

this is a continuation of this thread, http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/339696-33-advice-radeon-4200-upgrade

umm, So someone recommended, "Get a Radeon 5770 on eBay for super cheap and then get a nice 450w or 500w psu on Newegg"

this sounds very appealing to me so far, as lately the only recommendations i have been getting for graphics upgrade is the 6870, - so i'm wondering will a 5770 be adequate for me to play bf3, with the cpu i have?

If master zeon could help me out with this that would be great, in light of what was said in one of my last threads. -
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  1. just go 6770, its being sold out, and you wont have to go ebay hunting coz the HD 7*** series is new

    the 6870 is nearly 200$ itself... and you really dont wanna put a cheap psu into your system...


  2. What cpu do you have?
  3. so a 5770 wouldn't be good ? would a 6770 be adequate?

    I have a rebranded athlon, if you click the link at the top of this page, it'll take you to my previous thread wherein one of the community members here went over i. I'd really like to upgrade my system
  4. the 6770 is significantly cheaper than the 6870, but i have so many people recommended the 6870, and i really don't want to break the wallet. looks like the 6870 costs twice as much as the 6770,
  5. The 5770 is the same as the 6770
  6. would the 6770 then be adequate for me to play bf3 with my system specs?
  7. what would be a good 6770, they have an big range in prices. an amd xfx one costs 159 whereas others are for around 100 or less, what makes the amd xfx one more expensive? do i need to look out for anything in particular before buying one?

    is the HIS company a good brand?
  8. HIS is fine.
  9. His is just fine. Tbh with your cpu i wouldnt go higher than a 6790/6850.
    Being a dual core in sure you would be able to play bf3 with an upgraded card but you will not be able to max it by any means. The 6770 or 5770 can play well in their price.range but are still on the mid range at best. Just dont expect to max it out and you will be fine
  10. so what do i want to purchase here, is it a 6770 or 5770? the price range for this seems to vary alot, i'm not sure which model/submodel I need
  11. 1gb vram and honestly any brand.should do you.well
  12. Powercolor usually has the best prices and isnt bad
  13. really? so what is a good priced 6870? AND PSU TO MATCH? whoops caps lock
  14. Ok guys theres an obvious solution.
    Get the Powercolor HD 6870. Its for $140 after rebate. And get a decent PSU for the remaining cash.


    Get the HD 6850 (Sapphire/xfx) for $135 and get a decent PSU. I dont know why there is so much confusion here?
  15. Im thinkinf the 5770/6770 or 6850 are the best matches for Ops rig, any faster and he will experience some bottlenecking and.the upgraded price wouldnt be worth it and also require less power
  16. FlintIronStagg said:
    Im thinkinf the 5770/6770 or 6850 are the best matches for Ops rig, any faster and he will experience some bottlenecking and.the upgraded price wouldnt be worth it and also require less power

    do you mean to say that if i get anything faster than a 6850, I'll need more power?
  17. Not just that but your cpu will need to be faster and a quad to get the full power out of anything higher than those cards. There would be no point in getting a faster card if it is choked down by your cpu
  18. are you sure that my cpu's performance would choke down on the performance of the 6870 graphics card
  19. Most likely, yes
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