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How well will this run...

Whats going on TH community. I am wondering how well a EVGA GTX 570 1280mb (012-p3-1571) will run BF3 and Skyrim?
I currently have a Dell XPS 8300- i7-2600, AMD 6450 1GB, 6GB DDR3, 600Watt PSU(not yet installed). It is currently on sale for $330. I will probably be getting it as a V-Day gift from my girl. Or is there a better card for around the same price equal to or less than the $330.
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  1. With that setup skyrim will run extremely well as will bf3
    the only time ive seen people get alot of dips on bf3 is the 64 player matches on.huge maps.
    With all that said you will be happy with that setup, and can sli that 570 later for insane performance
  2. Well to SLI i will need a new motherboard, psu, and case...maybe in the future.
  3. Why i said later on
  4. will the 570 be outdated anytime soon?
  5. The new series for nvidia should be out within a couple months
  6. First off, that's a cool girlfriend you have man :D

    Second, I'm still baffled on how Dell can sell XPS systems with i7's and only put a 6450 in them? Not your fault, I'm just pointing out something that I've always hated (and the fact that they rip people off if you upgrade the GPU when configuring it)

    With that said, a 570 is a great card. Don't worry about the 600 series, your card will work fine for at least until the 700 series, maybe even 800.
  7. ^^ i agree the 570 will last a while but if you arent in a big hurry im surr the 6xx series would be around the same price point and faster.
    With that said if you want an upgrade now the 570 is definitely a good choice for your system
  8. What games does your gf play? And at what resolution?
  9. @amuffin lol actually she's not a gamer at all. I will be playing at 1080 res.

    Update: I was given the gift early on Friday and the GPU and PSu has been installed!!

    EVGA also has a trade up program so if a new card comes out in the next 3 months I'm straight!!
  10. Oh, I know this might not be the best section to ask this in but motherboards.....

    What do I look for....I have no clues at all. My price range will be $300-350max
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    Asus p8z68-v pro/gen 3.
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