Cpu/Ram/GPU/HD/DVD safe to use after a water spill?

Ok a week ago i had a water spill on my computer :pfff: , i didn't actually see were the water hit but it fried the motherboard (atleast i think, makes a zap sound when i turn it on and the only thing that happens is the LED's will come on for 1/2 a second, tried different PSU's also)

So my question is, could the water spill have damage my gpu/ram/cpu/HDD/dvd even if water didn't hit them? would there be a risk in testing them in a new motherboard?

just wondering because i only have enough money to buy a new motherboard right now, and if it could damage a new motherboard i would rather just wait a bit, save some money and get new everything, that would suck tho :fou:
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    Unfortunately the possibility is yes. But based on the way you wrote your OP, is suspect "probably not".

    These parts could be bad, and troubleshooting which are bad, if any, could be a time-suck. The only thing out of the bunch that is most likely to damage the new mobo would be the PSU. The other components would suffer electrical shorts, but not "give" electrical shorts (for lack of better words).

    To protect yourself, try to buy your mobo from a "friendly" reseller, e.g., one who has a good return policy. (newegg, amazon, etc)
    Good luck, and keep us posted. (And keep the liquids away from the system!! :) )
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