Laptop chipset upgrade

I have an LG S1 pro with an ATI mobility Raedon X1600
The ATI chipset is broken and My question is:
I'm thinking about buying a new chipset but maybe I could buy a X1900 chipset.
Anyone knows if this is possible? And if it fits in the board, will the board accept this chipset?

Thank you.
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  1. The first thing to check, is this a soldered in chipset, many of the older laptops used a solder-on-to the MB vs a card slot as in a desktop.

    You can check this by opening the laptop up, Just google "disassemble (your make/model) laptop.

    1) if Soldered in, not cheap and unless you have had practice solder chipsets on multilayer circuit MB - Probably not a good Idea.

    2) If that model did not offer boot GPUs as a choice, moving up to the 1900 may not work, also the voltage supply circuits/heat dissipation may not allow, even if the 1900 were to work, it could be very short lived.
  2. Thank you for your quick answer.
    All this soldering will be done by a profissonal. I just know how to dissamble it.
    I've been trying to compare both chipsets too see if they match for this board but I don't have enough knolegde to analyse the possibility for this upgrade. I think I'll keep studing these chipsets until I'm sure it fits. Do you know where I can buy any of these chipsets online?

    Once again thank you for your answer.

  3. Money would be best spent on a new laptop.
  4. I'm portuguese and in Portugal we have reasonable prices for new laptops but now I'm in Argentina and here a laptop costs 3 or4 times more than in US. These guys are crazy!
    I Believe the company where i just started working for is going to give a laptop but until then I just have my iphone to surf... I thought about buying a netbook but they ask for more than US$600 for a netbook! I'm not going pay price just to surf for 2 to or 3 months.
    I like my LG and I know it's old but... I always asked myself if it would be possible to upgrade a video chipset. I think this is my chance to give it a shot.
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