With what material should i remove thermal paste?

I want to remove the thermal paste on my CPU, and i dont know with what i should rub the CPU ( of course i drop alcohol on that...) Is normal fabric is OK? I dont have something special for cleaning screens or something. I am worried about fabric because it may cause problems with ESD... thanks
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  1. I would suggest a dry coffee filter, and rubbing alcohol if needed, but honestly just a coffee filter should be sufficient.
  2. What about cotton? Is that fine?
  3. And if i use usual alcohol (70%), is it OK? Or i must use a rubbing alcohol?
  4. 70% is okay, though it may leave a bit of residue, so be very thorough in cleaning the CPU. 90% is better, but not absolutely essential.
  5. i've got an isopropyl alcohol (95%). Is microfiber cloth (for cleaning screens) good for this?
  6. Any lint free cloth should be fine.

    For example, do not use a cotton ball since fibers can stick to the CPU.
  7. Thanks. So i will use the microfiber
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