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I have a HP HDX 18t laptop, running at 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo, 8 GB RAM, with a GeForce GT 130M Graphics Card.

Recently, I have been having issues running games on this laptop, without it suddenly crashing. For example, if I was to run
Guild Wars, it would crash before I'm even able to enter the game, even when the graphics card is at less than 60C in temperature and the CPU also. Literally if I leave the computer off for a night, open it next morning and see if it can run Guild Wars, it will shut down instantly. So I don't think its a heating problem.

What I'm wondering is what is most likely the problem? Is there any way for me to determine the problem?
Its also important to note that about half a year ago, I tried to overclock my GPU, but it didn't really work so I reclocked back to the factory settings. After that even I was still able to run guild wars perfectly fine without any troubles. Its just recently that this problem have begun to appear.
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  1. First try cleaning your system of resource wasting crap and registry errors. Run CCleaner and do Clean and Registry both. You may need to repeat. Reboot.
  2. ^+1
    After you do what clutchc said to do make sure your drivers for everything on your laptop is up to date. Also take a can of air and blow out what you can of dust in the vents on your Laptop. And while you are at it do a defrag on your HDD. Then give it a go.
  3. Defraged all my hardrives, cleaned all registry errors and all drivers are up to date.

    However, the computer still crashes almost instantly after running the game (anywhere from 5-30 seconds after launch).

    Also, the computer never crashes when I'm not trying to run the game.
  4. The next thing I'd try is to uninstall the graphic driver, reboot. Then run Driver Sweeper from Safe Mode (tap F8 at startup) and have it remove any Nvidia and AMD GRAPHIC driver remnants it finds. Reboot and install the latest driver for your card... not some old driver for it.

    Driver Sweeper:

    Graphic Driver:
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