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Good Swtor Video Card?

Looking for help on picking out a good video card. For gaming.. my budget is around $150.. 500w power supply .. BIOSTAR A880GU3 motherboard.. just built this a few months back and have been using the integrated chip, so looking to get something affordable, but effective. Any help is appreciated.
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    What is your PSU brand though? And do you have 6 Pin PCI-E power connectors coming off it?

    If you want Nvidia:

    don't buy that 460, if you want a 460 you want one with 256bit memory interface.
  3. Derp. I didn't even notice the 192 interface. What a weird number too. Nvidia puzzles me sometimes :D
  4. My psu is an "Ultra"- and thanks for the suggestions.. my friend is trying to convince me to go with

    which the price is getting above my budget, but if it's worth the extra 70-80 then I'll do it. However, the price is getting pretty close to the price of the barebones kit when I paid for it.
  5. its not really worth it if you are just playing swtor as you can pretty much max it on a 6870 and stay within budget but the 560 ti does offer good performance if you want to play more demanding games.
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    I personally have a MSI Hawk Talon Attack 460 for swtor and it runs everything on the highest settings (+tweaked some settings even higher. The card runs a bit slow in busy sections like the imperial/republic fleet but runs fairly smooth everywhere else. No bugs or problems playing the game with this card at all.

    All of these cards are fine. I personally recommend a 460 though. You can get it in that price range. Keep in mind you get better drivers (most of the time) and Physx capabilities with an Nvidia card (Although Physx isn't exactly used much in games, you will see immense framerate improvements in games that are using it. For example, Batman) and better overclockability.

    Vettedude is right though, you might want to look into a bit heftier power supply otherwise you could run into power issues (crashes) or worse and short that power supply and possibly wreck everything in your computer. If you put a lot of strain on your power supply, it dramatically reduces the life of the unit. Bigger (wattage/rms) generally better with power supplies and it gives life to everything in your computer. Best not to cheap out on it either.

    Processor: - Core i7 920 @ 3.6 ghz
  7. 6870 is an overall better card unless you do Folding@Home or play one of the like 25 games that uses PhysX. Or if you have a CUDA enabled program and want to do a lot of editing or something. Money is overall best spent on the 6870 though.

    Oh, but one thing that I loath about AMD is their awful OpenGL driver. WTF man, every driver update breaks at least one of my OpenGL games.

    If you do decide on a new PSU, we can certainly help you pick one.
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