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Upgrading wired and wireless networking system in huge house, HELP!

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April 15, 2011 2:24:38 AM

Hello everyone,
I have recently moved back to my folks place for school and since I have been here we have had bi weekly if not weekly issues with our network. Whenever we do, we have to unplug the modem, wireless\wired router, three network switches and wireless adapter, all in all it takes about 15 minutes or so, if it works. often times even all that does not work and i have to call my buddy over to reconfigure all the IP stuff and what have you (none of it really makes sense to me). Honestly its really starting to harsh my buzz as it were, and im thinking of using my income tax return to upgrade this system.
What im working with
modem - dont know much about it, it belongs to comcast who are also occasionally at fault, but it says RCA by thompson on it.
Router - Linksys WRT150N wireless router V 1.1
3 random Linksys switches and a whole lotta unlabeled cables (hind site is 20\20
wireless adapter - just RMA'ed the old one the new one is a Cisco small business adapter and should get here tomorrow

obviously going wireless would be the optimal solution but my dad is pretty old school and set in his ways, and our house might be built outta lead cus almost nothing gets through. I am not looking to remove any of the cables, our house is huge and old and i dont have the time to mess around with it truthfully.

im willing to replace everything except maybe the modem and definately the wireless adapter, i spent 5 hours on the phone to get that thing RMA'd im gonna use it.

we can have anywhere between 7 - 10 computers online at once, 2 printers and various other things so im really looking for something that can handle alot of business.
thanks for your help everyone!
a b F Wireless
April 15, 2011 3:02:35 AM

"we have had bi weekly if not weekly issues with our network."

What issues? Drops all connections? Drops some connections? Performance slows to a crawl? ???

April 15, 2011 4:45:34 AM

honestly it will change up a bit but usually the internet access is not found. we can get into the network ok, just cant access the internet. sometimes the network disapears too tho