How to power GT520?

i know its a old card, but my old board is really bad and i just got windows 7 on it. my GPU (ATI xpress 200, 5120% worse then a GTX 560) can barely run it XD and if you know enough about it, it is not a win 7 compatible, but i had my friend hack it. its slowing down my performance because it takes a long time to draw... well, everything XD. its constantly at 100% load with no windows open at all. but before i buy this card i want to know if my PSU has the power cords for it. if the exact model matters, here it is:

thanks in advance.
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  1. That card does not need any connectors for it, though I would recommend a 6570 or 6670. The gt 520 sucks.
  2. LMFAO. thats why i couldnt find a answer on google. but no i dont want a good GPU because i got a crappy old motherboard (ASUS P5RD2-VM) and i have a pentium EE 840, 3.2 GHz with 800FSB, its pretty much a pentium D with hyper threading. i also got the max of 2 gigs of DDR2 running at the max 667 MHz. if i got i good GPU it wouldnt matter because my CPU would bottleneck it really badly.
  3. You cpu wouldn't bottleneck a 6570.
  4. just did a bit more research and your right. but im building a new rig soon and dont wanna waste money on a good GPU for this board. gonna get a H67 board (socket 1155)

    gonna get a ivy bridge cpu when they come out, (cant wait to OC one of those things :D) sli 570s, 8 GB of ram running at 1600 (gonna OC to 2133) and a 500GB SATA 3 HDD and then later on throw in a SSD.
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