Thor Hammer CPU cooler - FM1 Socket - Does it support it?

Hi, I've tried to resolve this but its a rather awkward situation on my own but i require the help of the Tom's H community :)

Okay today i was given a brand new motherboard and APU, whilst i know APU's are not meant heavy gaming it was free and i require the new features of that motherboard but sadly the motherboard will not support my current CPU (Phenom II 965BE x4 3.4Ghz)

But the APU i got is not much of a push over. Its a A8 3870K 3.0Ghz Quad Core, its 0.4Ghz slower but boasts 32nm technology over the 42nm of my current CPU. Whilst this is not about the CPU i know i may get a few comments saying the Phenom II will be faster, that i know but i need the motherboard's abilities so try to ignore that.

This is my CPU cooler, it supports AMD Socket 754 / 939 / 840 / AM2 / AM2+ / AM3 / FM1 - FM1 is the one im looking at. But when i look in my booklet it never says anything FM1 nor do i know how to connect this socket as of course i have no instructions.

Could you guys help me research this and get any confirmation that it supports it? Been on the official webiste its kinda a derp question but not being in my booklet confuses me, my only guess is maybe this is a 2011 APU and i think the Cooler is from 2009.

So summery:

- Do you guys think it will fit
- How could i overclock this APU? you know to improve the performance, first time Overclocker though so im a noob in that area.
- Any tutorials on FM1 CPU cooler fittings (aka how the fudge do i get this socket to play ball haha)

Cheers in advance.
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  1. Fm1 uses the same heatsink mount as am2/3 so follow the am3 insrtuctions. If you dont have them you can download them from the link you provided for the cooler.
  2. That you very much for that information, so from that im guessing your saying it's most likely going to work? I've never heard of the FM1 socket CPU till today so all my knowledge on its just been picked up today.

    When i pick up some spare Thermal paste i will give it ago and will look at the documentation on how to attach the CPU though i dont know were to go but i will find, so i'll look in the download section first. Cheers
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