Its 9800gt have 1gb or 128mb memory?

Hi again, i have 9800gt 1gb, but not sure. Because in xp my card have 1gb memory, but windows 7/8 my card detect dxdiag in 128mb. I used 285.62 drivers. But in xp brotherhood, cod waw fps so low 5-19 with low resolution. I tried install 7600gt driver, it work great. And fps raised 20-40fps. I think my card not real 9800gt. Any solution? And before install driver i edit nvae.inf and write "%NVIDIA_DEV_039f = nvidia 9800gt " without this line nvidia installer says" cannot find compatible graphic hardware" help mee. My system: intel core 2 duo e4500 2.2ghz, 4gb ddr3 ram 2x2gb, q45 mobo, 450w psu.
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  1. What make/model of 9800GT do you have?
  2. GPU-Z will tell you exactly whay card you have.
  3. Nvidia geforce 9800gt, and i have xp, 7 dual boot, gpu z tells 128mb in windows 7 , 1gb in xp.
  4. I had a 8800 GTS. I think it had 640 MB of memory. I seriously doubt your 9800 gt has 128 MB.
    - dougrochford
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