Best graphic card for asus p5 qpl am

which will prove to be best graphic card for following confg. ?

m/b asus g41 p5 qpl-am
processor e 7500
ram 2 gb ddr2 planning for upgrade to 4g.b.
power supply 500 w

I am plannig to go for hd 6670 ddr5 , will it work with above config? Any other suggestion welcome>...
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  1. 6750 is a better option
    If you can afford then that 6670 is a good option.
  2. why not go for 6770, it should be good for most game!
  3. hd 6750 will be more better option to get because it is more better then hd 6670 and sapphire will be an better brand.:)

    or if u can afford then hd 6770 will be more better then that two it can play games on higher resolution with med -high settings smoothly.:)
  5. does it has vga connectivity, or any way to connect to common vga monitor?
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