How to get Audio from PC to my TV.

I am trying to connect my HP Pavilion a1267c to my LG 50PZ950 TV via HDMI. The graphic card is a GSO 9600 and I don't think my Mobo supports SPDIF so I can't use audio over HDMI. I have a 3.5mm RCA splitter and a normal 3.5mm sound cable. I need a way where I can use HDMI for graphics and something else for audio. I just want some audio. I have also turned off the audio on the Nvidia driver. I do not know what to do now! I have also looked in the playback list. Nothing seems to work.
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  1. If your TV supports DVI I'd suggest using a hdmi to dvi cable or hdmi to dvi coverter with the 3.5mm to RCA cable for audio.
  2. I does not support DVI if it did I would not have this problem. Thanks for trying though!
  3. Also how do you bypass HDMI audio? I am guessing the TV is thinking that its getting audio from the HDMI connection. Anyone?
  4. Do you have component in's ?
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    you have 2 choices to get hdmi, both cost money.
    1: buy a cheap card that had hdmi with audio and most newer cards do such as this $25 (after mir)

    2: buy a PCI soundcard with optical out so that you can loop it to the 9600gso

    the other option is to use the pc's vga port and audio line out and connect that to the LG's rear vga port and audio line in jack (right below the vga port)
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