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Radeon 5770 vs Radeon 6850

hello all,

well, as you've probably noticed, i need to choose which graphics card to buy. Clearly the 6850 is much better and more efficient that the 5770, but i want to know how much i really need for gaming. Once i get the video card, I plan on playing games like mw3 and Assasin's revelations on high settings. So tell me, is it really necessary to spend an extra 70$ on a card that in which there is a chance that there will be no noticeable performance difference?

also, the 6850 is pci-e 2.1, and 5770 is pci-e 2.0. so will i be able to stick in the 6850 card into a motherboard which only supports pci-e 2.0?
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  1. Need your spec's and I would spend the extra money for the 6870. Here is a link to show the difference of the 6850 & 6870 And You also can check any and all most any cards on this site. Good luck to you and a PCIe 2.1 will work in a 2.0
  2. currently, the (reference) radeon hd 6850 is the most powerful gfx card that requires only one pcie power connector. for gaming, it is more capable than 5770 (see dm186's at comparison link).
    pcie 2.1 is a minor update over 2.0, it is completely compatible with pcie 2.0 (which is almost all motherboard pcie 2.0 slot).
    end performance depends on the rest of your specs. you should be able to play the listed games at high settings as long as the rest of your pc balances out the gfx card.
  3. if you already have the 5770 I don't think you should upgrade but if you are choosing which to buy, I would want the 6850.
  4. pc specs

    mobo: msi 880g-e45

    cpu: amd phenom ii x4 960ti

    ram: hyper x 1333 ddr3

    psu: 550w ocz

    hdd: didnt choose one yet

    gpu; 5770/6850

    the price difference is 40, so suggest accordingly.

    the 5770 is 80$ and 6850 is 120

    and no, i dont have any of the cards
  5. what display resolution do you use for gaming?
  6. I would say the 6850 is worth the extra money if you want play games on higher settings.
  7. resolution 1900x1200 hp 27" led

    i want to play games on 'good' settings, something that will make me realize that i wasn't just building this new rig for nothing. I currently have an 8yo pc with a very olddddd video card. benchmarks lower than radeon 4200HD. so something that will get me a good deal on what i'm looking for. i'm not the type of gamer that will see a difference between 5 fps or between dx 10 an 11

    not relevant to thread: the hp debranded monitor i was talking about was on newegg for 250$ couple of days ago. the deal says its deactivated. do you think that the deal will come back? because i cant find an hp 27" debranded led monitor on any other site, they all link to newegg.
  8. something like this should be better than a 5770 at the resolution you play games at.
  9. get the using 1(sapphire) @ 1600*900. so at 1080p u will hit gpu limitations with the 5770
  10. i might go with the 6860 after all, i found a good deal for 120$

    anyone have any experience with powercolor rebates?
  11. check customer/user feedbacks about your chosen card. google it's review to check how it performs with games.
  12. you are getting a 5770 and 6850 at 80 and 120 dollers respectivly :o, these prices are mindblowing.
    its not a deal, its a steal
    i got my hd6770 for 140 dollers,

    you can maxout mw3 with a 5770 with 75fps or more, but i dunno about Assasin's revelations.
    At these prices you should grab that 6850
  13. Yeah, go with the 6850 or two 5770s in CrossFire. At ~1080p a single 5770 isn't enough (but for MW3 it will).

    I see that mobo doesn't support cross fire though, so i guess go with 6850. You'll be able to max out MW and maybe assassin's creed too. Good for future proofing too.

    The point of a better GPU is that you can crank up the visual detail at higher resolutions without sacrificing frame rates.

    Deactivated stuff may not be back at all, don't wait on it...
  14. I have replaced my 5770 with 6850 a year ago. Here are some numbers I have (with 1055T @3.5GHz):

    3dmark11 P scores:
    5770 stock - 2350
    6850 stock - 3320 (+ 41%)
    6850 925/1125 - 3870 (+ 64%)

    Unigine Heaven
    Render: direct3d11
    Mode: 1920x1200 fullscreen
    Shaders: high
    Textures: high
    Filter: trilinear
    Anisotropy: 16x
    Occlusion: enabled
    Refraction: enabled
    Volumetric: enabled
    Tessellation: extreme

    5770 stock - 13,7 fps / 345 points
    6850 stock - 18,1 fps / 455 points (+ 31%)
    6850 925/1125 - 20,9 fps / 526 points (+ 52%)
  15. but does anyone here actually have experience with powercolor? i looked at the reviews and such, and it says that their only problem is that they often times screw up the rebates. so there is a chance that i might have to pay 150$ instead of 120.

    and rmpumper, i understand that the benchmarks are much better on the 6850, but do you actually see the difference?
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    yes you see the difference.
  17. See for yourself. Driver upgrades, etc would have changed the situation a bit since then, plus these are only specific scenarios. Depending on your settings, etc. your mileage would vary.

    Also, take a look at the anandtech benchmarks for more games...
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