Geforce gtx 550 ti or geforce gt 640?

this is a question for a friend. he is makeing budget upgrades for his gameing computer and i was trying to help hime choose witch card and i just couldnt put my finger on it.

should he get geforce gtx 550 ti or geforce gt 640? and if you have another card in mind the budget is around $130.

answer as soon as possible
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  1. The 550 Ti is better.
  2. either go with the 550ti or a ATI 7770
  3. If it is for gaming, here is where Tom's ranks them:,3107-7.html

    Go here for an 'on paper' comparison of the cards:

    But the 550ti is far superior to the GT 640.
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    Ouch neither! $130 can surely land you a HD 6850/HD 7770 both of which are miles better @@
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