3 color LEDs, wiring to knobs?

So, I'm having a hard time deciding what color to make my fans in my next build. I just came across those 3 color LEDs with the 3 primary colors of light, they have 4 pins, I assume to control the specific color. My question is, can I wire each color to a potentiometer (Red channel, Green channel, Blue channel) (total three pots for ALL fans if possible, not one for each fan) to create a specific color, to my taste, on a given day? If so, anyone help me out figuring out how to wire them up?
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  1. No, the wires are set as follows,
    One positive, one ground, one rpm reporting and if there is a fourth its for pulse width modulation,
    The only one you should wire to a potentiometer is the positive, that will alter the fans speed according to how much voltage you allow through
  2. I mean the led leads not the PWM fan header.
  3. Got a pic of them? I was unaware of any fans that have separate wires to power the leds
  4. I mean the the leads on the LEDs themselves. Sorry I must be doin a bad job of explaining, heres the LED im thinking of using. If this didnt help I'll draw and upload a picture. Again sorry for the horrid explaination. :/

  5. Right, with you now, yes, one of those pins is ground, the others control voltage to each colours positive connection, you can wire the possies up to a pot and vary the colour,
    I thought you were on about leds already in the fan, not ones you had sourced externally,
    Sorry for confusion man :-)
  6. I reckon that would be a great buy for what you have planned, 72w seems a high draw for led lighting though :)
    but with some experimenting I reckon that is what you are after all in one box
  7. now im left with the problem of schematics, not even sure where to start with 16 leds, split between 4 fans. thats a lot of wires. If I have them all in parallel where would I put the resistors. should I draw power from the leds on the fans? molex from the power supply?

    My original plan without the controller involved taking all the positives from each of the already installed leads in the led fans and running all together, then splitting them into the 3 pots. then 4 wires from each pot to each fan, split 4 ways again to each led. In that situation the voltages and amps are all already resisted properly, would they still be properly resisted after that whole circuit?

    Long story short, no idea about wiring this situation, I think I'm in over my head.
  8. Its not one I'd be keen to do myself hehe,
    without that thing I would run one wire on all the red prongs, one on green, one on blue, and for simplicities sake, a common ground wire as well,
    using a fan controller use one channel for the red wires, one for green etc, and that way you can alter the voltage to each colour at will
    I'd do it that way if I was going to do it but yes, its a lot of wiring hehe
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