Will a amd 6400+ 3.1ghz bottleneck a gtx 570

I've been meaning to upgrade my video card since it's been some times since I've searched the market. Currently I am running :

AMD Athlon 64 x2 Duel Core 6400+ 3.1ghz
4GB of Ram
Geforce 8800GT

Although I loved having the good ol' 8800 gt its time to upgrade. I originally wanted to purchase the 560 ti LE, but thought 50 bucks more invest in the 570 for the purpose of when I upgrade the mobo and cpu. Im just concerned with how stable it'll be. Any thoughts?
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  1. surely, your cpu is bottleneck, it cannot handle 570, not even a 550ti
  2. it will not perform as good as with a better cpu but it will still work until you upgrade your cpu+mobo
  3. It will bottleneck, I think it is better to buy CPU+MB together with your GTX 570.
  4. Totally bottlenecked
  5. I can personally confirm that it will bottleneck. I have the exact same setup and when I went to the GTX460SE I noticed that although the graphics were improved my 6400+ runs at %100 during WOW on ultra and Battlefield 3 on low. I should have just waited to get an entire upgrade at once. It still runs better than the 8800GT of course but It should run a lot better.
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