Are these normal temps for the 3570k?

Never overclocked, got three fans in my case, one intake @ 1000RPM, two exhaust, one in the rear and one above the heatsink exhaust. No discrete GPU right now, I am using HD 4000. I have a feeling these will be high temps as I don't think I applied the grease on correctly.

EDIT: The pic was kind of small, but the max temp were 39, 38, 43, and 38. Min was 27, 20, 30, 22.
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  1. their good for idle temps, what does it get like under full load (like using prime 95 or occt)
  2. I will post that tomorrow actually since I've never ran it using Prime95. Could the temps be a little high since I'm using it as my GPU and I'm putting more stress on it?
  3. it could, but not by much
  4. yh temps under 100% load for a couple hours will tell us if it's good, I don't think you should get over 70 oh those are in celcius right?
  5. Yes they are in Celsius. What test should I do it and for how long?
  6. small FTT and 30 mins, i doubt your CPU will overheat and it dosen't really matter anyways because it will shut itself down before it gets too hot
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