How do you install a Cooler Master Hyper 212?

Hi, I was watching a video on how building computers, and when the person got around to installing the fan, I became confused. I want to install a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus 120mm Sleeve CPU Cooler and the computer that I am building, but I was unclear on how to do so. I purchased the thermal compound and understand that the cooler goes on the stand it comes with, but then I became confused. Do you apply the thermal compound to the top of the thing that covers the processor and just put the cooler (in the stand) into the latches, basically having the top of the processor case right under the heat sink, or is there some other added layer between the processor slot and the heat sink? Thanks!
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  1. Check this.


    Saint19 wrote up a guide on how to install the Hyper212+, i used it when installing mine it is very helpful especially compared to the very simplistic instruction sheet that came with the cooler.
  3. You need to spread a very thin layer of the thermal compound on the top of the cpu when it's locked in the socket. I usually use a piece of thin plastic like a credit card.and make sure that it's an even thin layer, you don't need a whole lot of he stuff it's just used to make the transfer of heat to the heatsink more efficient.

    That is another useful link, it shows different thermal paste application methods, i ended up using their two small line method, that gave me the best coverage on mine and my temps are quite nice so i think it worked out well.
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