Top mounted HDD port doesnt work

i bought a case with a HDD port on the top. the case itself contain a Sata cable(assuming that from the top mounted HDD) and plug it into HDD socket on my mobo. everything works great but the top mount HDD port doesnt work at all. i put a Hard drive on the top and nothing happen. my pc doesnt read it or show anything. how can i use that top mounted Hard Drive ports ?
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  1. You have the SATA cable to your motherboard from the HDD port but do you have a SATA power cable going into the HDD port? Also, if you are attempting a hotswap (ie. plugging in the HDD while the computer is running), ensure hotswap is enabled in bios for that port.
  2. thx, bro!! this is my first time ever build(assemble) computer and i was on my own. it was the hotswap. i bought a case with special feature allow mount HDD on top for quick data transfer without the hassle.
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