Computer freezes after sleep?

Hey guys, so recently I built a new PC and it's excellent. Fast, powerful, and suprisingly quiet (thank you 7870 :D ).

But, when I put my computer to sleep and wake it back up it goes to the windows homescreen but it is unresponsive and when I try to click in something it freezes.


Corsair tx 750w v2

Windows 7 64 bit

Hard drive: Seagate 1 TB

NZXT Phantom case

Sapphire 7870 OC edition 2 gb ddr5

Gigabyte z68x-ud3h-b3 motherboard

ballistix 8 gb (4x2) 1600

I don't know what the problem can be. Also another weird thing is my computer is password protected, and on my laptop when I wake it up it goes to the password screen, but with my new computer it goes directly to the home screen and when you start to click it goes unresponsive.
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  1. Full parts list please.

    The lack of log in is just a setting you can change.
  2. Problems waking up from sleep mode are usually PSU problems, in my experience.

    Do give the full parts list as Proximon asked.
  3. Updated :)
  4. It is NOT your PSU. The PSU simply provides power as needed. It doesn't have a brain.

    It could be the graphics card, the hard drive, or the ram. Each is needed to boot again. I'd bet on the hard drive. I've had computers that had no problem awaking until I changed the hard drive, but that's just past experience.
  5. Go in your BIOS and set your sleep mode to S3. If that fixes everything (and if hibernation is important for you) set it to S1/S3.

    On another note, for your wake-up login screen:

    Start button
    Type Power options
    Hit Enter
    On the left, click Require password on wakeup

    And set it the way you want :)
  6. I have had that problem too with a build, the vast majority of the time it would come out of sleep fine (had it set to go to sleep after 10 min) but about once or twice a week it wouldn't come out of sleep. Although not truly solving the problem I just set it so that the screen turns black and there isn't video output while the computer is mostly on still.
  7. My sleep mode was already put to S3. That's the one that it keeps freezing on. On s1 it works, but it doesn't put the PC to sleep fully.

    I think it may have something to do with the hard drive, but i'm not sure.
  8. ahthurungnone said:
    It is NOT your PSU. The PSU simply provides power as needed. It doesn't have a brain.

    You apparently will be surprised to learn that it could indeed be the PSU. They are far more complicated than you think.

    Poor voltage regulation on the +5VSB rail or out of spec transient load spikes can, and often do cause just this sort of thing. It is less likely with the quality Seasonic-made PSU listed, but still possible.
  9. Again with Proximon on this. A problem with the PSU can mask itself as a problem with anything else. There are very few problems in a PC that can't be caused by a failing PSU.

    Especially when you are talking about sleep mode.

    The PSU doesn't sound like the problem now that the OP said it is a Seasonic based 750w, but just to rule it out is the wrong thing to do at this stage.

    It would be nice if the OP could try switching out the PSU for a different one, just to see if the problem continues to happen.

    At this point the problem sounds like a power management setting, but it doesn't hurt to try if you can.
  10. I'll try to switch the PSU, and see if that does anything. What would I have to switch in the power management settings in order to see if that's the problem or not?
  11. Not so much in the BIOS as in the OS. Make sure the system is set to sleep, and not hibernate or hybrid sleep.


    What BIOS revision does your motherboard have? The most recent update may address this also.
  12. I disabled hybrid sleep, still nothing. And when I click on things after it wakes from sleep it becomes unresponsive, then in the top right corner it says "Microsoft Windows" and under it, it says that the system has become unresponsive, do you want to end the task?

    But obviously my system is frozen at this point and lol at it asking me if I want to end Windows 7.

    How can you check to see if you have the latest windows updates installed?
  13. Just installed the latest updates from windows and still, freezes :(.

    So I turned hybrid sleep off, updated my windows, and the problem still exists. What's the next step?
  14. BIOS update I think.
  15. Funny thing is my friend has the same updates to his bios and mine yet his doesn't have problems sleeping.

    The only difference between his build and mine is the Hard drive, and the Graphics card (he has 6850xfire I have 7870)

    This is really bugging me lol, I want to fix it and keep changing things and it still freezes.

    Weird thing Hibernate works, sleep still doesn't work.
  16. In the BIOS, do you have only s3 sleep mode enabled, or both s1 and s3? If it is both, try it with only s3.

    Also, you don't happen to have a different mouse laying around do you?
  17. Raiddinn said:
    In the BIOS, do you have only s3 sleep mode enabled, or both s1 and s3? If it is both, try it with only s3.

    Also, you don't happen to have a different mouse laying around do you?

    How do you know if you just have one or both enabled? When I click it on the bios there's an s3 (str) option and a s1 (pos) option.

    Also, there's a HPET mode and it's on 32 bit. Not sure if that's supposed to be on 32, or 64 since my windows is a 64 bit?

    As for the mouse I could get a different one to use. Why would that make a difference? Currently I'm using a wireless mouse.

    I'll do what you suggest tomorrow, as I do have to wake up early and do a lot of stuff.

    And this is a first, after I waited for a couple minutes the screen just went black, I could move my mouse around but do nothing.
  18. I don't really care which mouse, just a different one. Preferably non-wireless. Preferably not even USB for that matter. If you have a PS2 mouse and a PS2 port, that would be great. Otherwise, whatever else you have is fine.

    As for why it would make a difference, that can be debated later if it does make a difference. If it doesn't, you don't lose much.

    Only use the S3 option, not the S1 option. I don't know how your specific BIOS works, but it should be an either or choice most likely. All you should have to do is choose the other one.
  19. I had this problem with my ASUS Q500LF. I went as far as reinstalling bare bones Windows to no avail. The HDD access light stayed on during the hang, so I figured it might be a problem with a disk partition. I know it wasn't the OS partition, because I blew that away. I had a data partition on the same drive. CHKDSK said there was nothing wrong with it. I figured, what the hell and cloned the partition to an external hdd. I blew away the data partition, recrated the volume, the copied (not cloned) the data back onto it. Lo-and-behold, no more hang when coming out of sleep. Hope the helps someone!
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