Upgrading my Current Rig

Hi guys,

Currently I have a Q8400 CPU, a bad GPU and other components are generic.

Now I am thinking of upgrading it and spend around $350-450 for the following:

Motherboard = p45
GPU = ??
HSF CM 212 Evo
Case = CM
PSU = ?

Please help me decide.
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  1. No reason to upgrade from LGA775 to LGA775, just get the cooler, GPU and PSU if you need one to drive it.
  2. psu:tx750
    mobo is fine
  3. My current mobo is Dg41rq an intel. I want to buy a p45 chipset mobo. I am not looking into doing Crossfire/SLI so I think 500W PSU would be enough. is 7850 better than 6850 performance and price wise?
  4. HD7850 is more expensive but almost twice as powerful as the HD6850.
  5. yh just get a good psu and graphics card cause that processor is still fine for gaming
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