Craig Ferguson video gets blocks of color

I like Craig Ferguson, I watch his shows on the official website, however sometimes, the picture becomes just blocks of color, not the whole screen just the TV picture part.

Is this because my system is getting too old to play videos over the internet?

Athlon 64 3400+ (Socket 754)
1 Gb of PC3200 (DDR)
8500GT with 512Mb of Vram

or it is just because I did not download a codec?

Internet connection is 3 Mbps DSL, I get about 2.7 Mbps on the Cnet bandwidth meter.
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    Possible issues;

    Very low internet bandwith... Not very good for streaming videos
    Low quality video card... Not very good for playing videos
    1gb of Ram... Not very good for anything

    Maybe an upgrade is due? :P
    But definitely look into upgrading your Internet service :P
  2. About the bandwidth, I have DSL and I used to pay $32.95 with a $5 discount for being a local and long distance customer, now they took away my $5 discount and I pay $37.95 for the same 3.0 Mbps speed. However, I tried the 6.0 Mbps speed and the DSL modem would drop the signal, as I am too far away from the AT&T end. As you know, DSL does not share the last mile, and cable does share the last mile, so I picked DSL over Cable because it was cheaper and unshared.

    I understand how incredibly important a video card is to playing games, but I thought for video, the 8500GT with 512 MB vram was still, acceptable.

    I did upgrade from 1GB to 2GB for only $25 on sale, it was quick and in my budget.
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