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hi im lookin 4 a good video card for up to 500 bucks that could play new games like TOR and guild wars 2 ect with at least medium+ graphics on a scale of 1 to 10 speed needs to be a 8. was thinking about the evga nvidia geforce gtx 560 ti and was wondering if amd radeon 7970 was as good as they say.
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  1. well your requirements are really low for your price range.

    you can probably max guild wars 2 with a 560ti as mmos are the most graphically intensive games. The 7970 is good but its is expensive and might not offer much for what you need it for over the 560 ti.

    the 6950 performs a bit better than the 560 ti.
  2. is the 6950 better than the 560 ti and is the 560 ti (2gb) good enough to play TOR on medium settings or maybe even high???
  3. get the 1 gb models, unless you game on more than 1 monitor, its not worth extra month for more vram.
  4. the 6950 and 6870 should be able to handle swtor on maximum settings with some anti-aliasing enabled playing at 1080p. for some reason swtor prefers amd offerings, so i would go for either the 6950 or the 6870.,3087-6.html
  5. which 1 is better the 6950 or the 6870
  6. the 6950 is about 15-20% more powerful than the 6870 but costs a bit more too. it depends on how much you are willing to spend for the money.
  7. Gtx 580.
  8. I don't think he needs a 580 just to play swtor
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