Q9650 vs i5 3450

There are some differences but the main thing I saw was that the q9650 has 12000 mb L2 cache? How does this affect performance?
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  1. The Q9650 is pretty old while the i5 is VERY new, what are you planning on doing?

    Upgrade to a 3450 from a Q9650? Not really worth it, as the Q9650 was one of the best 45nm chips during it's time. It's still very comparable to a modern day i5. A good upgrade would be waiting until Haswell, which is coming out next year.
  2. If it was in the same generation, it would mean a little, but the i5 3450 is a much better and faster CPU overall.

    This isn't an exact comparison because it's a 2500K (about the same performance at stock as the 3450 because of the 3450's slightly better per clock performance, despite a slower clock speed) against the Q9650, but it gets the point across.

    I DO agree with amuffin, though, if you already have the Q9650, just wait for Haswell.
  3. Actually I just wanted to know why so much L2 cache?
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    anceintsz said:
    Actually I just wanted to know why so much L2 cache?

    I may be wrong about this, but I think larger cache meant better performance in older architectures, but it doesn't seem to matter as much now.
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  6. Ty guys for the replies
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