ASUS Nvidia 8800 GTS 512 - Video feed disappearing after 1-2min

Hello everyone,

I've bought an ASUS Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS 512 about 4 years ago. Now just a couple of weeks ago, I was playing World of Tanks on my main screen (Samsung 24inch) while I had a stream up on a 2nd screen (Medion 17inch). Suddenly, my GPU fan started spinning at 100%, which had never occured before. I recognised the noise because it was the same noise the GPU fan makes when I boot up the computer. Shortly after it started spinning at 100% my video feed fell out, but my computer kept running. I tried the reboot button, but my video feed didn't come back.

I then pressed in the power button until my computer turned off. I waited a couple of seconds before turning him on again, and the video feed came back on. Booted up World of Tanks again, enabled the stream on the 2nd screen and shortly after same thing happened again. Redid everything I did the 1st time and booted the computer again. This time however, it only stayed on for about 1-2min.

Spent ages looking on Google for a reason as to why my video feed would only last about 1-2min before my computer fell out and here is what I've done so far:

- Cleaned out the PCI-E slot on my mobo
- Cleaned out ANY dust on the GPU cooling unit: I've stripped the card, blown out anything, blown off the fan wings etc.
- Reapplied new cooling paste to the cooling unit as well as the GPU processor.

So now when I boot the computer, instead os just 10-15s of 100% fanspeed at the start of the boot, the GPU fan keeps on spinning at 100% constantly, until my video feed just suddenly disappears. There's no beeps or clicks involved, and the card itself doesn't feel hot or anything. When I'm running GPU-Z, my GPU temperature jumps from 0 to 128°C to 0 and so forth... So all the time 0-128-0-128-0-128...

This makes me to believe my temperature sensor is broken or something. Or am I completely wrong?

Anyone who could either tell me where the sensor is on the board and wether or not I could replace/have it replaced or if I am forced to buy a new GPU in all.

Thanks in advance for any help concerning this case!

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  1. UPDATE: Now my computer keeps running it seems (don't know for how long) and the GPU temp hops between 64°C and 192°C. What I have also noticed however is that the temperature GPU-Z reads from the graphics driver is not the same as the temperature GPU-Z reads from the ADT7473 sensor... So it's the graphics driver temperature which hops from 64°C to 192°C while the temperature from the ADT7473 sensor is at a stable -64°C... Could this have to do with the fact that I've recently updated my graphical drivers to the latest Nvidia drivers? Anyone else having issues with these drivers?
  2. Hi Kimitachi,

    I have exactly the same problem. Started 4 days ago. All you've mentioned happened to me, just not while playing the game. I cleaned the vent also, applied new paste... Now when I start the comp it runs 100% and sometimes I get to logon sometimes I don't. 2 days ago, I started it, and it ran stable for the whole evening. Today I cannot start it at all....

    Card also 4 years old. When I manage to get in Windows, the temp seems to be between 60-70°C...

    Any news?
  3. Hey smajli,

    nope, no news. I've decided to buy a new card. Went for a new ASUS GTX 560 Ti. I believe the heat sensor of my old card is broken. And seeing as I don't have the technical knowledge to replace that, I figured the only option was to buy a new one :-) Was hard to say goodbye to my old card, but these things don't last forever. Had 4 good years with it, so can't really complain!

  4. same problem here, if any update please keep us informed! i'm bothering spending 300 bucks for a new graphic card just for such a small problem... with such big consequences...

    Has anyone experience with bypassing (shortcircuit) the temp sensor? assuming the vent was never sollicitated at 100% full load in 5 year time... so there shouldn't be a reason for it to be needed now...

    Thank you very much,
    Best regards!
  5. Hi... Any news? My Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS 512 started doing this a few weeks ago. I search the web and got nowhere.

    My jumps from 0°C to 62°C then to 128°C, 192°C and then 0°C again...
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