A8N-SLI Deluxe keyboard doesnt work

I just finished building a new computer with a A8N-SLI Deluxe motherboard i cant go to the setup because the keyboard doesnt work and because its an old mobo i dont have the disc for it i need help guys
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  1. ^+1

    Also, use a PS/2 keyboard (without one of those USB->PS/2 adapters, if possible) to to avoid issues.
  2. go into the BIOS and enable the usb port......

    says something to the effect "boot on usb keyboard or something. won't know without looking and that board is buried for me.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0u1ZnRCwAU&feature=youtu.be that is my video maybe it makes a little more sence.
  4. if you have your keyboard plugged into a USB port this will cause that type of problem until you enable it in the bIOS. You need to plug it into one of the "old" round ports up top.... green and purple I think they were. If you don't have an adapter ( usb to ps2 you need to get one. Plug it into the purple... I hope.... ps2 round slot and it should work for you on boot up.
  5. thats the type of keyboard im using and its still doing that problem
  6. plug into the mouse port next to it.
  7. as soon as you hit the power button you're constantly tapping the del key ?
  8. did you try another keyboard. as strange as it might sound I used to have mouse problems on some old boards.

    are you sure the board was in working order before use ?
  9. ive tried pluging it into the mouse port and then i also tried constantly tappingthe del key and holding it as soon as i boot up i dont know what to do
  10. yes it was in another computer before mine and worked well and i tried to use a usb keyboard with it and the same result..
  11. its strange because my mouse is lighting up and seems to work fine and when i plug in the keyboard it light up for a sec and cuts off everytime i plug it in..
  12. reset cmos...... should be down by battery. ( it's a jumper )
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