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In this instance - Dual Link DVI or Displayport?


I am organising an ASUS PA246Q IPS monitor for a photographer friend, she currently has a GeForce GT 230M graphics card on her work laptop.

Just wondering if it would be better to connect the IPS display and graphics card using Dual Link DVI or Displayport (both are supported).

I have gathered that usually it doesn't matter much but it's a pro IPS reported to have 10bit display colour and it's critical to achieve the best colour depth and accuracy possible.

Short answer would be fine, but feel free to impart your technical wisdom if you like, It's already been a crash course in display technology over the last 48 hrs :lol:

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    Both are equally good. If it were me, I would use DisplayPort just to have less cable clutter (DP cables are typically smaller and the connectors certainly so).

    That will also allow audio to be passed to the display, if so desired.

    Good luck!
  2. Thanks, COLGeek.

    On a related issue, I just realised that my gtx 580 only has dual link dvi and no displayport.

    As I plan to purchase a Samsung S27A850D PLS (8 bit colour), just wanted to make sure that the Dual link DVI wont be bottlenecking the colour range (I know that the 2560x1440 res is fine here).

    So obviously your answer remains true in this scenario?
  3. It shouldn't matter, color will not be limited. Have fun!
  4. Excellent. Thanks again!
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