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  1. If u will use VLC player @ , u don't need any additional codec.

    Edit: Yes, I should not confuse BR with Hi-def videos....
  2. And if u need one get it here K-Lite Codec Pack @
  3. nikorr said:
    And if u need one get it here K-Lite Codec Pack @

  4. You're welcome!
  5. Hi :)

    I couldnt get VLC with all codecs added to play BR`s at all... :)

    Unless its a new version...

    All the best Brett :)
  6. VLC doesn't play blu-ray discs.
  7. The Blue Ray format requires a license fee be paid to Sony in order to "Legally" use it -- so there is no Free blue ray player available - Since the person distributing the free player would have to pay a fee to SONY for each person using it ! -- In most cases the player is included by the vendor of the Blue Ray player when you purchase it. (If none was included with the player you'll have to purchase one.)
  8. Yes, I should not confuse BR with Hi-def videos....
  9. You really have only choices that cost, no free BR players yet. I use CyberLink PowerDVD 11, works great and not very expensive.
  10. Hi :)

    There is one free BR player as I used it a couple of weeks ago at one of my computer shops, but cannot remember its name....I will add to this thread once back at work on Monday...

    All the best Brett :)
  11. The free one doesn't play half the titles out there!
  12. I have these three and here are my rankings:

    1-Nero Platinum HD-
    2-WinDVD Pro
    3-CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra
  13. DAPlayer

    Is free and is junk ^
  14. Stupid copyright laws. If you were allowed to do what you wanted with your own property and not just what these companies will allow, then this would not even be something to talk about. Sounds like you should all become activists and cut the problem off at the source!
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