BIOS temps not matching

I have a newly built pc:

Cpu- amd phenom x4 965 BE
Cooler- ZALMAN CNPS9500A (
Mobo- gigabyte 880gm-usb3

My problem is that when at idle, the amd overdrive utility thinks the temps for the cpu are at 43 C and under load at 63 C. This is a bit toasty! But under the bios is says the idle temp is 34 C and the beep is set to go off at 60 C. The beep has never gone off. Can anybody help me out here and tell me why these numbers aren't matching? Also, the cpu is not overclocked.
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    It's a common problem. Your temps are still ok. 63c could be better but I wouldn't panic over it. Trust the bios temps and leave it alone. I would not remount the cpu; too many folks touch the cpu area and sometimes it won't post again.
  2. Hmm.. alright. My original intention was to do a slight overclock, but at these base temps I'm still feeling uneasy about doing so.
  3. It's not unusual for the bios numbers to not match a windows related program , the bios temps are the ones that count because that's what will warn you and/or shut down the computer when the temps reach critical.
    I have overclocked my cpu and then looked in Windows and it shows the stock speed but in the bios it shows the overclocked speed.
    There are programs that work right but they are generaly not free programs and the ones you pay for seem to be more accurate.
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