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I'm getting a Rundll error message on my win95b system every time I enter windows. It says:

Error in 3dfxv2ps.dll
Missing Entry: UdateRegSettings

All of this came after I reinstalled win95b(wasnt a clean install). This is an older computer that i'm adding to my network which has a diamond monster 2 voodoo2 card installed. I did go out and get the newest drivers I could find for it, but its still giving me the same problem. All of the old games and stuff still works on it though, but I have to go into "dxdiag" and I have to run the little box tests before I can run any games. I'm not too familiar with dealing with registry settings, and I have a feeling thats what it is since its saying "udate regsettings". Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. I don't know how to fix your problem but I suggest you to do a clean install. One thing you can try before is to uninstall your video driver, reinstall it and reinstall the latest version of Directx (the latest compatible with Win95, i'm not sure there still supporting it), maybe it will solve your problem.

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