Cannot install new os due to partition error

i tried to change the partition of my laptop but while in the process, i got an error. when i tried to reboot it, it already says disk error. so i tried to reinstall windows but after the "press any key to boot from cd" msg, i only get a blank screen. now i cant reformat my hard disk and cant reinstall any os on it. i even tried hiren's boot cd but i always get a blank screen after booting from it. i cant also start the laptop on safe mode or even the last known good configuration. when i tried the safe mode, it says about the partition error (long lines of error like "partition (0)disk...system..." something. i am most certain that the cause was the erroneous or interrupted partitioning.

pls help. thanks a lot
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  1. were u shrinking your original partition?
    you may have to wipe the drive completely.
    I suggest hooking it up to another PC to get all your important data and reformat the drive and install Windows again
  2. i was tying to create a new partition where the OS was installed using partition magic (hard disk has no partition) but the process was interrupted i guess (it restarted when i came back). i just saw a "systen error hard disk failure" msg after i came back.

    how do i hook up my laptop to another pc and reformat it? my knowledge is limited only to reformatting hard drives and installing OS using bootable CDs. thanks a lot.
  3. What type of hard drive do you have in your laptop? The make and model number would be help along with the make and model number of your laptop. An IDE laptop hard drive will not connect to a IDE connector in a desktop, you would have to get a adaptor or get an external drive enclosure. Again if you have a SATA drive in your laptop and want to connect it a desktop you need an external drive enclosure for a SATA drive. You cna yuse disk management to reformat the drive. You should be able to create a new drive partion, when installing Windows. If you have Windows XP and installing it on a SATA drive and the BIOS is not treating your hard drive as a IDE drive you will have issues, since Windows XP does not have native SATA drivers and you have have to press F6 and insltal the SATA driver via a floppy disk. If you have Vista, you do not need a floppy disk, you can use a flash drive in thw install.
  4. You *must* have atleast one partition in order to use a harddrive.

    with this in mind "i was tying to create a new partition where the OS was installed using partition magic (hard disk has no partition)" doesn't make much sense.
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