PC Freezes after some time then Beeps


Yesterday a computer where I work presented some problems, it would freeze after some time of use and beep, the mouse cursor would still move, and if you click it, more beeps. Sometimes the mouse cursor won't move at all.

I thought it was an overheating issue, so I opened it and powered it on, then I saw the Power Supply's Colling Fan wasn't working, so I bought a new one and changed it. The issue continued, and sometimes it would unfreeze...

I'm not sure if it's a hardware issue or and OS issue (We use XP), nor if I'm posting this in the correct category. I appreciate any input at all.

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  1. for small investigation hardware and software !
    remove power electric from PSU ... remove battery mobo .. wait 10minutes .. put it back ... try trun on PC ( it will make PC ran at default )

    CPU : if using stock cooling, the first allegation is dirty or dry thermal paste : get new/replace , reseat RAM from slot , try use VGA onboard ..
  2. more then lilky the beeping you heard was a failing hard drive. see if work got a spare of any size just to toss in and see if the hangs stop. if they do if it a pre built and the repacment drive is same size or larger then just run the restore cd on the new drive. when done install any apps that need to be there and then connect the bad drive by a usb cable kit from a local computer or best buys or conenct it to the mb and copy personal files over.
  3. I have already cleaned the PSU interior with compressed air, took the CMOS battery off for some time, and also repositioned the RAM..

    Today it gave the same error, it would beep and freeze after some time of use, however it seams that there are occasions that you switch it on and it will work, no beeps.. So the error doesn't happen all the time, which makes it even stranger.


    The hdd is quite old, a 80GB one, so it can definitely be it. I plan on formatting it soon and run it on SpinRite to detect bad sectors, but it's a very busy and needed computer, so I'm awaiting availability. I hope it works, if someone thinks otherwise please do give advice.

  4. second : test your RAM use memtest86+
  5. I've run Memtest, the pass was complete and no errors were detected.. It seems the pc in question works after some time turned on.. And when it freezes it'll stay like that for some 10 mins and it will unfreeze, today it unfroze and gave an Explorer.EXE error...
  6. format HDD clean install OS
  7. Today it froze again and after waiting about 10 mins it unfroze and gave another explorer crash. The error code was 0xc000005 and the short report is as follows:

    AppName: explorer.exe AppVer: 6.0.2900.2180 ModName: ntdll.dll
    ModVer: 5.1.2600.3520 Offset: 00012e83

    I saw a thread in another board where the issue was solved by deleting some shell context menu, perhaps should I give it a try?
  8. I'd like to inform that the problem was fixed, I used ShellEx to delete shell context menu entries and since then the issue was nowhere to be found.

    It's been a while since this thread hasn't been posted but I decided I should explain what worked for me since others might have the same error and perhaps my solution could work for them too.

    Either way I'd like to thank you all for trying to help me, it's very nice of you guys. :)
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