FPS Bottleneck (Factors)


CPU: Phenom II 9100e @ 1.8Ghz
RAM: 8GB DDR2-333 (666)Mhz
Mobo: RS780 Foxconn
OS: Win 7 Home Premium, x64
GPU: GTX 470 4GB @ 1920x1080
PSU: 500W (GPU is cross-powered from another PC)
HDD: Standard 5200


My friend is visiting from Japan.. I needed another PC so we could LAN games. I borrowed a PC from work (the above, minus the GPU). I took one of my SLI cards from my gaming machine and put it into the work PC.

When I run games, I am getting around 1/5 the FPS of the gaming machine. The CPU is maxing at around 30% and the GPU at around 10%-20%.

If it's not the CPU or the GPU, what is it? I've updated drivers and DirectX.
My original assumption was that the GPU was not getting enough power, as my 6pin adapter was missing a 12V input - so I cross-powered it from my gaming PC. This did not fix my FPS issue.
Even when I disable all graphic settings, my FPS does not increase.

When in game (Mount & Blade: Warband) I can get around 40FPS in battles with around 50 people. At 100 People, my FPS drops to 15-20. My CPU usage remains around 20-30% - GPU usage between 10-30%.

I tested this in multiple games, and in every game my FPS suffers.

HOWEVER, I can run benchmarks (Heaven DX11) and get almost the exact same FPS on both machines (the score on my work PC is obviously a bit lower, but not dramatically so.)

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. 30% cpu probably just means the game isn't threaded enough to actually use your CPU.

    Single threaded performance is still important while we have ancient game engines.
  2. I thought the same, and tested for such, but the problem is apparent in multiple games.
    I've tried settings affinity and disabling multi core support through the games options (warband only). Another game I tested, Vampire Masquerade, requires very little cpu or gpu. utilizing a single core, runs at 15%. Still, my fps is less than half my other 470.
  3. If the CPU isn't powerful enough to push the GPU, will the CPU show 100% usage during the attempt? I'm thinking the dinky 1.8Ghz CPU just can't push the GTX 470.


    But then again.. It did run nearly max FPS during Heaven benchmark. So maybe that's not the case.
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