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Need help picking a new gpu

Hello guys im in a bit of a tuff spot right now i need help picking a new card for a new rig.

I am stuck between these 2

I have a AX750 so it will be fine and a 2500k
Now i know 7970 will flat out be better but the overclock capabilities of these cards are amazing people are hitting 1000mhz on the 580 with max temps of 47C :o
I know there are a lot of closed loop haters so please don't be one of those. I also have a h100 for the 2500k so the cpu head will not be used but i ll hide it real nice :D
but interestingly enough people where getting around 51 on there cpu(stock) when hooked up to this loop crazy... On the other hand the 7970 is a beast im sure that thing will overclock like no tomorrow!
I am personally leaning towards the 580 because at 1000mhz and very cold and quite(will be putting cougar fans on it) is it worth the small performance difference?
Also: t 1080p and only play games like bf3/sc2/crysis 2 which both are capable of.
One last thing i don't want to wait i will be buying today! thank you ahead of time

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  1. 7970, You can get them in 1125Mhz... You should be able to get decent temperature with the gigabyte cooler.
  2. Thanks for the reply but i would love to hear some more opinions.
  3. The 7970 could max out any game without an overclock. And it has room for plenty of OC... This isn't even a contest until the GTX 600 cards come out.
  4. Vettedude said:
    The 7970 could max out any game without an overclock. And it has room for plenty of OC... This isn't even a contest until the GTX 600 cards come out.

    Performance wise no. And i completely understand that. i just want 60 fps@1080p which both can do and then some. But the only reason i was thinking about that 580 is because 1. VERY low temps 2. It will be very quiet. Those are very attractive to me. Besides i will be buying the top end nvidia gpu when it hits the market so this is more or less a hold over unitl then. With this said do you think the 7970 is still a good choice? i will only have the card for a couple months and im sure there wont be any game that comes out of the jungle to scare the 580 just yet.
  5. Well thanks for the thoughts, but im going to go ahead and get the 580, its enough for what i need it for and it will last for the couple of months i need it while being quite and cool :)
  6. the 7970 is better in every way than the 580.

    the 7950 is coming out in 2 days thats going to probably be better than the 580 but cost less.
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    No no no...

    Wait until Kepler or wait until you see an IceQ 7970. A quiet cooler with 50 C under load (from tomshardware).
  8. Guys i just want a card that is capable of playing bf3 and sc2 for few months. I am buying the gtx 780 or 680 when it comes out and this will go to my father who only plays CoDs :)
    So i decided to kill 2 birds with one stone ya know?
    I appreciate all of the help whoever really i do.
    Thankyou !
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