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Today i installed latest K-Lite codec pack. And right after that a few weird green boxes appeared on screen and the pc freezed. I thought this is related to my video card because i use very old driver and thought there must be some compatiblity isue between the driver and k-lite. So i downloaded the latest radeon drivers and installed them. Right after this my pc freezed again. After restart the freezes became small halts. Meaning sometimes the weirt boxes/lines appeared my screen turned black and after a few seconds i got a message my display drivers stopped working but recovered. I got back the control but after this it appeared every 30-40 seconds and after the 5th or 6th time the pc freezed completly. So i had very little time but i managed to check out some things. My new video drivers set my card cpu and mem freq to very low numbers. I read somewhere this could be the problem, so i tried out this registry fix of course it did not but of worked. After this i tried out rolling back drivers, reinstalling them, using the microsoft native drivers but none of them worked. Tried out the profile fix id didnt work neither. By this time it wasnt only appearing in windows. After the restart even the boot logo and bios screen was messed up. Tried everything. So i thought its time to reflash my vbios. Did a usb bootable stick and flashed the bios. This didnt help so i searched on the net for an earlier bios and flashed it too. Same problem. I though maybe i couldnt properly flash the bios so i put the card into another pc but the screeen was so messed up i coudnt even start windows.

The card is: SAPPHIRE Radeon 4850 Toxic

Worked with this sh*t the whole day. Please help dont know what to do next.
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  1. Since it all started with the k-lite installation try ( and uninstall all the AMD and k-lite items you find. Uninstall the codec pack. If you can not or do not want to go this route, use system restore to re-set the system to a time before the codecs were installed. All the bios flashing and reg. editing would be a last direction as you may have made changes that have other consequences here. Best bet is system restore as a first try. You may have to boot to safe mode to do this if you can not boot to the desktop.
  2. Tried uninstalling them but i fear it is late because i mentioned my vcard doeasnt work in a different machine and even when it would be related to a driver i simply cant understand why is it messed up at the boot sequence.
  3. Did you try flashing the vid. card bios? Is that what you were saying? If it is I hope you made a back up of the original bios.
  4. Yes of course. I always make a backup image form the old bios. Tried out driver sweeper and it removed every ati driver even my native windows driver. So now i can stay in win for about 5-8 mins before it freezes again. But its a start.
  5. Have you restored the original bios to the vid. card? Have you tried system restore? Have you removed the codec pack?
  6. Yes i removed the codec pack and restored the system. However it still freezes. Cant flash the original bios, i get the mesage cannot erase rom.
  7. Looks like you may have sort of semi bricked the card. Do you have the old card or another card you can try? If the card is under warranty you can always try to return it and keep a straight face (lol) about the circumstances. Would be best to check that card before doing anything else.
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