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  1. not bad for tht system
  2. Optbuild said:

    What are you doing with this computer. If this is going to be for gaming I would just build your own. You don't need 16 Gigs of RAM thats way overkill no computer game is going to use that much memory. I have 8 Gigs and I don't think I use half of that you want to get double that. Next for gaming I wouldn't bother with the Bulldozer it really isn't that great at gaming. Also that bundle doesn't come with a video card,cut out the RAM and put the money towards a high end video card. Like I said you would be better off building your own computer. I would go with Intel but if you really want to go AMD go with a quad core Phenom II Black Edition CPU and overclock it.
  3. THanks rds1220, I thought maybe I could save a bit by going for a bundle and ensure that the RAM, motherboard and processor go well together. This is my first build. I am currently using engineering software where I define the number of cores and amount of memory I use to conduct the analysis.

    i.e. I can select 8 cores and 14gb RAM for example. This will cut my analysis times down.

    I would also like to use the system for gaming.

    I look forward to any further feedback or advice, thanks.
  4. So are you going to be running programs like Auto Cad and programs that are heavy in the 3d graphics department? If so then you would be better off with more RAM. Also the video card is very important for that kind of stuff too.
  5. Bundle is overpriced by a fair bit. Right now AMD are doing a cashback on all FX CPU's so that bundle after cashback should cost about £220 or £240 before cashback

    Those prices were using much better RAM as well

    Priced here

    Also check how your engineering software uses cores remember the FX is modules not traditional cores this may impact how well your software uses it.
  6. I still wouldn't go with Bulldozer I would go with an I7 or IF you can find one a six core Phenom II.
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