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~Program stopped working

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate x64

I am trying to open a program that I use for my Karaoke business to generate Request Slips which has worked in the past. I am now getting an Error Message with the following:

Stopped working

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
Problem Signature 01: request slip generator.exe
Problem Signature 02:
Problem Signature 03: 48e31a0d
Problem Signature 04: Request Slip Generator
Problem Signature 05:
Problem Signature 06: 48e31a0d
Problem Signature 07: 11
Problem Signature 08: e0
Problem Signature 09: System.InvalidOperationException
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  1. I have tried reinstalling the program at least 3 times and the problem still exists. I originally thought that it might have been a .NET Framework Incompatibility, but even when I reverted it back to 2.0 and such it still would not work. The program used to work with Windows 7 Ultimate x64, but for some reason it just stopped.
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    Sounds like an issue with the software i would call the company and see if they have a fix for you because its impossible for us to determine code which we have no idea or clue what its about. Otherwise did you try running the program as an administrator?
  3. Tried that too. Thank you for the help though.
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