Antec 1000 psu for Cooler Master HAF932 case

I'm aware that Newegg states the Antec 1000 psu is specific for the Antec cases. However, I've been told it should fit in my Cooler Master haf932 full tower case. Has anyone had success with other full tower cases other than the Antecs?
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  1. I am not sure but unless your running Tri-SLI GTX 580 or something like that you don't need a Antec 1000W psu
  2. I believe you're right. Antec said they were out of stock of the 850 and offered me the 1000psu. The CP-850 psu is the same size as the 1000. I figured more power is better than less. Dimensions for both units: 4.7x6.9x7.9
  3. what is your system specs i am pretty sure it would fit but i don't want to tell you it will because i am unsure have you try measuring it
  4. I gave it a quick inaccurate measure. After a closer exam it looks as though the unit is too tall. Thanks for the overlooked obvious.
  5. No problem your very welcome!
  6. Are you sure they weren't offering you an HCP-1000:

    That will fit in a HAF 932. Expensive and probably more watts than you need, but the CP-1000 is also out of stock, so I'm guessing that is not what Newegg suggested.
  7. They may have. That's what I'm looking at, and you're right it will fit. Thanks.
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