How to upgrade from DX10 to DX11

Hello, I was just wondering how can I upgrade from Direct X10 to Direct X11. I have a Radeon HD 6950 2GB, it is DX11 ready, but my computer says that it is in DX10, how do I get it to DX11.

Heres a screenshot:

Thank You for your time,

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  1. What O/S ?
    only Vista and Win7 support DX11.
    Type DXDIAG in run.
  2. Download the directx redistributable.
  3. You look to be win 7 and with that card should be DirectX 11.

    interestingly - I did same check and that display on my comp shows DX10.... however, its DX11
    Check yours.....

    Press Start - and in the "search programs and files" bit type dxdiag.exe
    run that and see what it says

    Dxdiag is the microsoft Directx tool .... mine shows that my sys is running DirectX 11 and I suspect yours will to.

  4. As long as youre windows 7, you should already be running dx11 with that card.
  5. thanks, yeah it says DX11 in dxdiag.exe. Thanks
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