Installation Problems Driving Me Nuts

I just put together my first computer and the only problem I am having is installing an OS. I have Windows 7 32bit pro, and it seems that it is not recognizing the cd in the drive and won't boot from the cd. After loading through BIOS, I am stuck at a black screen with a flashing cursor. Any suggestions?
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  1. did you set cd/dvd drive as first boot device?

    if not set it in the bios or by boot menu by pressing an f key during startup--f12 on some boards but different

    makers use a different f key
  2. I did. I read and followed all motherboard instructions that came with it. Im running an ASUS motherboard.
  3. is it a sata cd/dvd drive or ide?

    if sata try it on a different controller if your board has more than one--usually the sata ports are different colours

    if different controllers

    i always put my drives on the intel controller during install--assuming there is an intel one
  4. Hello... the install Disc is a DVD... are you using a DVD player? of so does any other OLDER version of Windows install CD recognized? Determine if your CD/DVD player is connected properly to read any other Media in it...
  5. It is an IDE. I set it to boot first in BIOS and then the Hard Drive. The hard drive is SATA the Optical drive is dvd rw and cd rw IDE. I have tried to install Windows XP, but durring installation i get an error message that says "if you have not seen this error message before, restart your computer and try installing again." Its been driving me crazy haha.
  6. if its ide make sure its properly jumpered

    ie if the jumpers set to master put it on the master connector on the ide cable

    if its jumpered to slave put it on the slave connector

    or jumper it to cable select and put it on either connector
  7. Thankyou for that thought, but I had already tried that. It was on cable select, so i changed it to master and then changed the cable(to a newer one).
  8. Hello... well you need to turn on the IDE interface ON then in the BIOS... have you done this or verified it is on? ... newer SATA motherboards have the IDE connectors/drivers set to OFF.
  9. I went in and checked. I found that it says VT6330 1394/IDE Controller [Enabled] and then right underneath it says VT6330 IDE Boot ROM [Enabled].
    Maybe some more information will help:
    Motherboard-Asus M5A88V Evo
    Western Digital 500GB Sata Hard Drive
    Kingston 4GB of RAM
    Athalon II X2 Processor :3.4GHz Dual-Core AM3 Socket

    Just noticed that i do not have a DVD Drive. I pulled it out of my IBM computer. Always thought it was dvd. I will repost after I Install a DVD drive and clear my stupidity. Thanks
  10. Hello... I had that feeling... also I would have FAST/QUICK BOOT UP set too off and BOOT LOGO set to OFF in your BIOS... this will allow you to see all drives that are connected/communicating on your display screen as the BIOS boots up... very helpfull for trouble shooting your drive connections on a new build... before attempting OS install.
  11. Question for you, The motherboard came with a support dvd that has drivers on it. I should install this dvd rom after the OS? Thanks for all your help.
  12. Hello... Yes... after OS install... you need to install the Motherboard hardware driver to the Windows OS... this might take a several reboots per item... be patient and do one at a time with a re-boot... they do not install all at once... Motherboard drivers/Network/ON-board sound/Graphics ( if on-board )... too keep things installing smoothly, I always disable in BIOS the hardware on items where drivers are not being installed such as sound and network... turning them on one at a time... so to say... This is an important step in making WINDOWS happy with your motherboard... You can go to the MOTHERBOARD website, if you have another computer available to download... and not bother with the supplied DISK... BUT if you don't... after your NETWORK is on... go check for the latest Hardware updates before installing any other software...
  13. Hi,
    Back again. This time i installed an asus DVD RW as master drive. The OS started right up, but im running into an error when trying to install Win 7 Home Premium. Durring the install i get an error message that a "Required DVD/CD Driver is missing". I Cannot find a driver that would show up to be installed. I have tried the Asus website and downloaded two firmware drivers onto a flashdrive and tried to upload them but they are not being read. Please Advise.
    The drive i installed is an Asus DRW-22B2S.
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