I5-3210M vs i5-2450m

I am Customizing a laptop for my girlfriends birthday. I am Going for gaming/College/research use, there is a definite price difference between these two CPU's, but is there really any performance difference, and are there any 4-core i5 CPU's for Laptops? I built a Full Tower Computer myself, it was my first build, Nut I feel like Laptop is a different dialect. And does anyone recommend using the HP upgradable graphics card, or it there one that I can buy afterward and install myself? And is it difficult to install a graphics card into the Envy 17t-3000 or dv7t-7000 models? Would you recommend one model over the other?

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    no there aren't any quad core i5's for laptops
    generally the newer the better because of better architecture and it is dificult to install a graphics card into a laptop, it will also void the warranty but more importantly, the envy isn't that good a gaming laptop price wise

    The thing about games nowadays though is that the gpu is more important so just look around for the better gpu options

    btw the dv7t-7000 (at least the quad edition) has a much better processor but if on hp's website you can customize it see if you can give it a graphics card
  2. The only difference is the higher clock speed on the i5-2450m.

    The only mobile Intel quad core CPUs are in the i7 series, and only if it has the "QM" designation.


    See correction further below.
  3. Generally speaking, you cannot upgrade the graphic card in a laptop because it is typically soldered into the motherboard.
  4. Thank you so much for enlightening me you guys. Both of your replies were extremely helpful, thank you. Do you guys have any recommendations or company references for multipurpose/gaming laptops ranging from $850-1000? sorry to probe with the questions.
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  6. Both Replies deserved the "Best answer" but I decided to give it to Komomu because he is of a lower level than jaguarskx and I wanted to boost his numbers, thank you guys so much again for your time and knowledge. Thank you! You guys rock.
  7. I need to correct myself since I miss read the model number; I was thinking of the "Sandy Bridge" i5-2410m instead of the "Ivy Bridge" i5-3210m.

    The i5-3210m has the same clock speed as the "Sandy Bridge" i5-2450m. However, it provides about a 5% - 6% increase in performance on average over the i5-2450m which makes the i5-3210m a slightly more powerful CPU.

    Ivy Bridge CPUs consumes a little less power than Sandy Bridge CPUs so battery life should be slightly better assuming both laptops have the same battery.

    Ivy Bridge CPUs comes with the better performing Intel HD 4000 graphic core compared to the Intel HD 3000 graphic core found in Sandy Bridge CPUs. If you are buying a laptop with a nVidia or AMD graphic card, then this is more or less a moot point.
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