Suggestions on airflow?

hey, im running an i5 2500k with a evga 550 ti super clocked, my cpu has stock cooler, both are not overclocked.
my graphics card is running at 75 under gaming load, and cpu somewhere in the 65ish, btw is 75 decent for gaming load?

anyways just wondering, i have this case

what ive got running right now 2 fans on that are pushing air into the case.
ive got one more at the back for exhaust.
i got two more up top as you can see,
just wondering if i should mix it, as one of them be exhaust and intake.
or both exhaust? or both intake?
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  1. you have the proper set up
    front two intake
    rear & top exhaust

    75c is cool for a gpu at load, you are fine
    65c is bit warm for a CPU but you are using a stock cooler and those temps would be expected
  2. Yeah you really only need to worry about the GPU when you start getting into the 90's.
    One thing you can try to do, is get some new thermal paste. Artic Silver or something of the sort, and re apply it properly to the heatsink of the CPU. What you have is perfectly normal but if its been a while since you have installed the heatsink, new thermal paste can only help. :)
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