Advice on first build.

Hey Everyone. I"m building my first gaming pc, and have a couple questions. First the components I've chosen are these...
AZZA Dynamo 850 850W psu
CORSAIR XMS3 16GB (4x4gb) mem
i7-2600K cpu
ZALMAN CNPS11X Extreme cpu cooler

question 1... Are these components compatable? And will they work well together?
question 2... What would be a good choice for graphics?
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  1. Looks good. A 7970 would be a great card for you, and if that's too much, the 7950 or 6950 will be great. If you aren't gonna get at least a 6950, then just go with an i5-2500k.
  2. Yes they are compatible, what games are you going to be playing? And how much money are you willing to spend? Most builds with similar specs have either a gtx 560ti or a radeon 6950 in them.
  3. Thank you for th quick Response!

    The games I play are= Skyrim, WoW, and Wizard 101

    but will be using for multi tasking and video editing as well.
  4. 7970 would be overkill then unless you plan on purchasing a bigger variety of games later. The 6950 would be a great card. Your CPU is about as good as it gets for multitasking, so that isn't an issue one bit.
  5. Msi twinfrozr iii 6950
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