What is the hammer next to my name?

Hi Toms,

I notice many users have hammers to the left of their user name. I now have a hammer next to my user name. I am wondering what that means.

I also notice that the hammers are different colors, what is the significance of the colors?

I might be missing something obvious, but can somebody fill me in?

Thanks in advance!
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    You get a hammer when you achieve 5 badges.

    5 bronze badges = a bronze hammer
    5 silver badges = a silver hammer
    5 gold badges = a gold hammer
  2. Ah, makes sense.

    Thanks for the reply.
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  4. wow sum1 is actually getting badges??? saying that i got an email today saying im a freshman on still waiting for my golds to appear on the uk site... i cleared 15000 points today. not bad for being a member for less than 12 months, but im still a veteran... to be honest i prefer that title to addict ;)

    congrats by the way... well done and well earned.
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